Wednesday, March 24


Not 'The Prodigy' as in the band but;

prodigy - noun - a person, esp. a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability.

This is one of the words used tonight at parent's evening at school to describe my 4 year old. To be honest, I had to come home and check prodigy in the dictionary (ironic?). She is in reception class as school having started in September last year. She is the absolute baby of the year as she doesn't turn 5 until the 16th of July, the day they break up for the summer holiday. She couldn't be any younger in her year, yet she is at the very top of the class for everything. Her reading is off the richter scale apparently. She is currently (having been re-assessed again after a re-assessment 2 weeks ago) reading books that the average 6 and 7 year olds are reading in the same reading scheme. She has understanding and grasps concepts very easily, has a remarkable memory, excellent vocabulary and general knowledge. She is a very friendly, helpful, kind and caring girl who is very popular in class. (I almost cried when the teachers were saying all this).
Warms your heart doesn't it? It certainly warms mine to think that my 4 year old baby is regarded so highly within school.

She received a Head Teacher's award yesterday for her reading skills, which she is very proud of. (see photo below).

She has been put onto the high achievers register in school and will therefore be given lessons catering to her ability and interest and stretching her a little bit. 

Her teachers are being wonderful. They still want to keep her grounded and let her learn through play, but are prepared to give her the extra stimulus in the areas she needs it in. The fact that the school are aware of her capabilities from such an early age is an excellent sign for me. 

But above all, Isabelle is so happy learning. She's not being pushed in a direction she doesn't want to go in, she's more than happy to take the challenges. Otherwise she gets bored easily.

My little ray of sunshine is becoming a star

Here she is wearing her gold Head Teachers award sticker.