Thursday, January 22

Sticky Substances!

Well this cold has wiped me out! Everyone said it lasts 10 days to a fortnight. Almost a week on and there's no sign of it leaving. And yesterday I had a cracking migrane to go with it. Oh joy!!

This week I lost 1lb. I'm disgusted to say the least! Ok, so I had this cold, but I stuck to the plan 100% despite wanting to eat comfort foods. I knew if I ate them it wouldn't comfort me at all, in fact it would make me feel worse, so I really stuck to it. I'm not happy that I've only lost 4lbs in three weeks. That is REALLY slow going for me. Grrrrrr. Hey ho, c'est la vie and all that. Carry on regardless.

I got back on the exercise bike this morning after giving it a miss while this cold was at it's worst. I put Avenged Sevenfold, The Beast and the Harlot on LOUD and cycled along to that. The song is exactly 5 minutes long, so I sang along and cycled. I know it's only 5 minutes, but I'll add another song tomorrow and hopefully get through both songs. I have to build it up. It's no good jumping on the bike, cycling for hours and half killing myself. Build up slowly and then see how far I can get.