Sunday, August 16

Brain Fog

Oh it's so frustrating when my brain gets foggy.

I've had a really busy week. I started painting the kitchen on Monday as I got tired of waiting for he who shall remain nameless to do it. We've had the paint for 6 weeks! Well, it took me three days to do it. I had to pull the tall fridge freezer out and the washing machine etc. It's played havoc with my Fibromyalgia.. but it's done and looks so much better.

Thursday was spent catching up with everything that didn't get done the 3 previous days, then Friday was spent running around getting things we need ready to go camping tomorrow (Monday). By Friday night I was absolutely whacked.. and the only sympathy I got was.. take a painkiller.. oh and did you do this that and the other?? Grrrrr.

Today I've spent all day writing lists, losing them again, re-writing lists and gathering everything needed for the 5 days we're spending in Whitby. Mark has made himself as scarce as possible and has watched (from a distance) me pulling my hair out trying to find my lists and gather everything together.. then cook a full sunday roast... back to getting stuff together and then complained when I asked if he would bath Isabelle while I washed the dishes! He can be so infuriating sometimes, but what topped it all off was just as I was putting the last things in the bag he asked if I needed anything doing. WHAT??? He'd seen me get everything done before he asked... he knew exactly what he was doing.. and he knew from the look he got that he better get out of the room sharpish. He came back in with a peace offering of coffee.

So all that needs doing now is the last minute things to pack (my makeup and Isabelle's hair brush etc) the tent needs getting out of the garage and then the car needs packing and we'll be on our jolly way. We're camping half way between Whitby and Scarborough and the weather looks ok'ish apart from Thursday. The forecast is for heavy rain. I guess we'll find a Sun Centre or something and stay there indoors for the day. Wednesday looks set to be a scorcher by all accounts.

Back on Friday... hopefully with my batteries re-charged and the brain fog lifted.