Friday, September 26

Time Consuming!

Phew! I had no idea it would take so long to get things listed on ebay. Geeze! The biggest time eater was taking photographs of my stock and re-sizing them ready for uploading. Then I've had to write a sales pitch for each item on sale. Working my poor little brain and getting cells to work that went to sleep a long time ago lol.

I bought some Bad Fairy wigs to sell for halloween. Mark laughed at me and thought I'd gone mad buying 6 wigs. The laugh is on him.. I've sold three of them in two days.

I spent some time last night making up a charm bracelet with the cute Tibetian charms. Here's how it looks.

Of course, Isabelle being the girly girl she is, wanted one. So I made her a little on with the stars and moons. She walked around with her arm out for ages, jingling the little charms LOL. Bless her.

Here's Isabelle's bracelet.

I'm making these to each person's choice. They can choose the charms they want and the length of chain they need and also they can choose between a serpent toggle fastner or a heart and arrow toggle fastner. Hopefully I can sell a few for stocking fillers for Christmas. I find it strangely therapeutic making these charm bracelets. And I have three neices who will be getting them for Christmas this year LOL. No I'm not a cheapskate really.. I know they'd love them.

If anyone who happens to be reading this blog would like to order one (wink wink) they're listed here on ebay.