Sunday, December 21

Chocolate cake and Fairy Houses

Mark has reached the grand old age of 39 as of yesterday. Oooh it pigs me off that I'm a year older than him, and he never lets me forget it. Grrrrr.

Anyway, Isabelle, bless her, managed to keep his presents a secret this year. She just wouldn't tell him what he'd got. Probably because she couldn't remember what it was called lol. I told her it was a tool for daddy's garage. It was actually an arc welder. sounds great doesn't it.... not. But he's been harping on about wanting one for years. I saw one reduced in a sale, so I bought it. He was chuffed to bits. I issued a death threat warning along with wishing him happy birthday LOL. He's not allowed to take anything out of the house to weld it together. He's not allowed to bring the welder into the house to weld anything, upon the pain of death!

Of course, Isabelle insisted daddy had a birthday cake. Well that's what you have a birthday for isn't it? cake? She was so excited bless her. She sang happy birthday like an angel (a very out of tune angel.. hehe) and helped blow the candles out. Then she and Mark spent the rest of the afternoon eating cake. I think she wore more than she ate LOL. I resisted the cake and had a museli yogurt.. (is my halo dazzling you?) so I was quite chuffed with myself.

I was so made up last night. (a brief history). 4 years ago, Mark didn't know his dad. His mum and dad split when Mark was 3. 4 years ago, they met up for the first time. They still speak very occasionally (both being men afraid of the phone), but last night Mark's dad phoned and played happy birthday to you on the guitar (his dad is a guitarist too) and sang. mark was over the moon. I think it actually made his birthday. I think the last time they spoke was when Mark phoned his dad on father's day. We both ended up feeling all warm and cosy about him phoning. Then he fell asleep on the sofa at 8pm!! Grrrrrrr

So I spent the evening painting my latest garden ornament that I'm selling. A little fairy tree house with a mushroom top.

Front view (the red isn't as bright as this, that's from the flash!)

Rear view, yes even fairies have a back door LOL