Wednesday, January 27

Read it Swap it

After my stuck for a book statement the other day, someone I know suggested I try a website called so I headed on over to see what it was about.

It's basically a swapshop for books. You register free of charge and list the books you have that you'd be happy to swap. These then show up on the main page as newly listed books.

You can go through a library of books listed for swaps. You then click a link to notify a member that you would like one of their books and they then go through your list of offered books. if they see one they like they accept the swap. All you need to do then is post it to them. You have to pay the postage but of course, you get a book through the post yourself so it cancels out the postage really. And to be honest, to get yourself a new book for the price of postage, I think it's a good bargain.

I listed mine about an hour and a half ago and I've already had my first swap! woohoo. What a great way to get books. I never read the same book twice so my bookshelves fill up quite quickly so this is one way to keep them not quite so full and someone else benefits once I've read a book.

What a good idea!