Sunday, February 1


Well no snow yet, but it's forecast for later today, definately tomorrow and possibly up until Wednesday. We don't very often get snow where I live. It seems to bypass us for some reason. It's been really grey this morning but as I sit typing, the sun just came out. It's deceptive though, it's absolutely freezing out there again. The problem with snow, is that I want to go and photograph it, but it's so built up around where I live that there's nothing worth photographing. It's not far out into Wales and Snowdonia and glorious scenery, but of course, when it snows, you can't drive to it. [sigh] The roads are just too dangerous.

I really do need to spend some time updating my photography site and my little garden friends site (the one I'm going to be selling my cherubs, mushroom houses and fairy doors on). I just don't know where the time goes!

Maybe if we get snowed in over the next couple of days, I might find time to do them. LOL

Poor Isabelle has the snotty nose from hell!! She's not too poorly with this cold, but has been restless at night for the last three nights. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in ages! I've been up and down all night like a loony. It's not her fault bless her, she's either coughing her lungs up or is complaining of a sore throat. Thank god for Calpol. Unfortunately she won't have medised.. the one that makes her sleep. It's like I'm trying to feed her poison.

I had a bit of a giggle to myself yesterday. We went to B&Q to get some cement mix for making my larger garden ornaments, as I've only ever used plaster so far. I picked up a 98p bucket for mixing in, and Mark suffered from accute bucket envy. Plonker! LOL. He had to have a bucket too. He didn't know why, he just wanted one because I was getting one. He makes me laugh sometimes. Bucket envy indeed!