Sunday, April 25

The Fibro Demon...

Another morning, eyes open
What will it bring today
I haven't got out of bed yet
Acutally, I'm ok

Feet on the floor, I'm upright
C'mon body get on your merry way
my legs don't want to work again
Actually, I'm half ok

Get down the stairs, get a drink
the old woman hobble in full force today
shuffle, stop, shuffle, stop
Actually, I'm not ok

I try to be cheerful, smiling 
Goodmorning, another lovely day
but you can't see pain inside me
Actually, I'm not ok

I try not to moan and grumble
But this is my life day to day
wrapped in pain and things that don't work
Actually, I'm not ok

And so eventually to bed again
I've got through another day, hooray
Are you ok you ask me?
My polite, well trained answer, yes,
But actually, I'm not ok.

The invisible disease with no cure, and is very hard to explain to someone who can't see anything wrong with you. What is Fibromyalgia? Take a read HERE I've been suffering what is known as a 'fibro flare' for the past month. This is when symptoms flare up and are amplified for  no specific reason. 'Fibromites' as we're often called, rarely let on what's really happening. People get bored with how you are really feeling and we adapt the 'yes I'm ok thanks' attitude and put on a brave face. But just because we look ok, doensn't mean we are pain free. Pain free is a thing of the past and has been for 12 years since I was diagnosed at 29 years old.