Thursday, June 19

Shots and shooting

I'm getting a bit aprehensive. I have the steroid shot in my right shoulder tomorrow at 5pm. eek. I've had them before, but I'm always aprehensive, and this time it's my own GP that's giving it. He's not done it before. I like my dr though and trust him, so I'm sure it will be fine.

My son's girlfriend has asked if I'll take some photographs of her tomorrow. It's her school prom tomorrow night and she has a new dress etc etc. I agreed to take some photographs for her. How could I not? She's a lovely girl and has a lovely pretty face. The problem is, it now coincides with my steriod shot appointment! arghhhhh. Hopefully I can get the photographs in that I want before I go to the drs and then get back to her place (shoulder and pain permitting) to photograph them leaving for the prom as they've hired a limo to take them there.

I did have a giggle. She said, you'll have to show Russ how to use your camera and he can take some shots. Russ said, there is no way in this world mum would ever let me hold the camera let alone use it! Too Right son!!! LOL

It's a lovely sunny day today so I might take Tiz in the car and we'll go for a drive out somehwere. I'm tired of being stuck in the house.