Sunday, April 11

Ahhh, at last...

Ahhh at long last... I've had to wait since October last year. 

Yesterday, the sun was out, and so were the motorbikes at Oulton Park. It was the first day of the bike racing calendar... whoop!  So off we went in the glorious sunshine to feed two of my passions, photography and motorbike racing.. all in one fell swoop! It was the Wirral 100 Motorcycle Club race day. Some old bikes, some new bikes, some fast bikes and some loud bikes. I used this as a pre-British Superbikes day (2nd of May!!) to 'get my eye in' so to speak. 

And of course, how can I write a blog post about photographing the bike racing without sharing some photographs. If you don't like motorbikes.. I'll apologise in advance.. if you definately don't like photographs of motorbikes.. best stop reading now LOL.

The Classic/Forgotten Era bikes were up first and I've been waiting quite some time to get to photograph from this spot with the old lodge in the background. I was stood down quite a steep hill, hence the road being so high up, and it's at a camber.. but once I managed to get the ambulance out of shot in the background, it made for a few nice shots. (my opinion of course LOL) and if you look closely enough at the track, you'll see heat haze (every motorsports photographer's dream (sad bunch aren't we?) lol)

and then we get some faaaaaaast bikes! oh yes!!! These two shots are being used on the blog belonging to the guy racing the bike (with full name credit and website link on his blog too) He won the race by a full 6 seconds.

and just a few shots that I like :) 

The person on on the white bike (110) is Jenny Tinmouth, the UK's fastest female bike racer.

Ahhhh, that's my leather and rubber fetish satisfied until the British Superbikes in a couple of weeks time.