Sunday, January 25


OK, so this post is going to be cryptic on purpose and anyone reading it is probably going to think I've lost the plot, but I need to get it off my chest and Mark's answer to it all is 'pull the plug'.

Something I have been doing for a while now and is very dear to me is beginning to drive me demented. It's one thing after another, problem on top of problem. I do one thing that I think will be of benefit and it throws up so many problems because of it, I'm about ready to throw the towel in with it. It upsets me. I has been for a while. I've tried not to let it get on top of me, brushed things off and dealt with them. If something like this is causing so much stress when it's not necessary, then what is the point?

I'm also having to rely quite heavily on one other person to solve problems that I don't have the capability to solve myself, which (due to my nature) bothers me. I am incapable of solving these problems and have to rely on someone elses good nature and free time to work things out.

I just feel that I'm stuck in a deep dark hole with the whole thing at the moment and there is no light to brighten the way a little bit.

Make what you will of what I've said.. just know that it's really beginning to pee me off and upset me and I really am wondering if it's all worth it!