Monday, December 29

Home before off again

I'm busy packing yet again.

We got home from Eve's on Saturday after spending a lovely Christmas with her. Not my way of doing Christmas, but hey, it's not my house. We did have a lovely time though and it was really nice to spend it with all three of my kids. Isabelle had a whale of a time and spent the entire Christmas getting dressed up and undressed to get dressed up again from the treasure chest of Disney Princess clothes and glass slippers we bought her. Sod's law really. The whole set cost £15 and she just loves it. We also bought her an Early Learning princess castle and a princess carriage with a unicorn, which she also loves. Everything else went by the wayside LOL.

Tomorrow we're off to Bonny Scotland to visit the outlaws. It's going to be a bit different this year as Mark's Mum and Stepdad split up in October. It's going to be strange not having Fred around, but they are still good friends apparently, so we will still see him. I'm just not looking forward to the long drive up there. Ah well. Slimming club in the morning, and then we're off.

Talking of slimming, I'm joining in the Slimming World 40 day slimathon. The charity is the NSPCC Childs voice appeal, so I'm good with that charity. Hopefully I can lose pounds and raise pounds in the process.

No time to write more... once again it has disappeared into the void!