Monday, October 12

Absolute Bliss!!

ohhh I'd forgotten what it's like...

Friday reminded me of two things in life, which, when combined, gave me the feeling of bliss! Either one on it's own is pleasureable, but wouldn't give me the feeling of bliss.  It's just a shame it didn't last longer than it did, but I'll take 3 hours of bliss over no hours.  I do realise that this combination wouldn't give many people this feeling, but for me.. oh heaven.

The British Superbikes came to Oulton Park this weekend for their final races of the season. Friday was practice day. Isabelle was at school on Friday. Mark was at work on Friday. I was all on my little lonesome. Oulton Park was calling to me and my camera. My conscience was niggling at me though, so I asked Mark if he could get Friday morning off work so we could both go to Oulton Park to watch the bike racing. He's snowed under at work at the moment so there was no way. Excellent said my conscience. It's now clear, I don't have to feel guilty at going to photograph the bikes alone.

I really don't know what it is about bike racing that really fuels my blood. The noise, the smell, the speed (oh and the leather, but we won't go into that!). The fact that I can point my nice big camera lens at the bikes and bikers and get shots of absolute power is an awesome feeling for me. The blissful part of this session was that I didn't have a 4 year old monkey swinging off my legs while I was taking photographs as I normally do. No questions about who's winning, who's that man? etc etc. I could give full concentration to my shooting. I didn't have to consider anyone else if I wanted to move to another part of the circuit, or grab a coffee, or walk around the pits. No consideration to whether anyone was bored or not, it was just me and my camera.

My reservations about my new camera not focussing properly were also alieviated. Yes! It worked properly. I think that my smaller lens got damaged in the road kill accident, and that's why I've not had sharp photographs from it. But as you can see from the photographs below, it's working alright.  And check out the heat haze from the first shot, right behind the exhaust. That's every motorsport photographer's 'thing' getting heat haze! LOL


Such a shame that it's now the end of the racing season. I have to wait until May before the superbikes come back to Oulton Park. But I'm going to be there for race day next time!!

If you want to see the rest of the shots I got from the day, please go to view them in the gallery on my website: Click here for more British Superbike Shots