Thursday, December 10

It must be the week for it....

Pride that is....

After Monday's proud mummy moment with Isabelle swimming, Tuesday brought forth the School Christmas play. Mad panic and rush as I picked her up from school, brought her home, changed her clothes, fed her and dashed back to school for 5.15 having given Mark strict instructions to be home early from work otherwise we wouldn't get a seat despite having tickets.

It's worse than sales on boxing day! The mad scramble from parents who want to be at the front to see their little darlings decked out in whatever particular costume they have been designated to wear for this years' school play. There are arms and legs flailing everywhere and pushing and shoving like you've never seen (and that's the parents not the kids!)

I took Isabelle to her class to get her changed into her costume and Mark had to deal with the finding a seat. Grrrrr, nearly at the back!

But we watched our little sweetie (who's eyes were on stalks searching the audience until she found us) do her singing. She knew every song word for word and all the actions. Dressed in her little angel costume, she did so well and both Mark and I had mummy and daddy moments. awwww.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I didn't have a ticket (we were only allowed 2 tickets for one night). Isabelle was going to have to perform for all the other mummies and daddies because we couldn't be there. Until I pulled a fast one (devious bugger that I am). My plan, if it worked, would not only mean I could go to the performance, it would mean I also got a front row seat. I volunteered to take photographs of the play and would happily hand over a CD full of photographs of the kids performing. Yay! my devious plan worked (mwahahaha). I am so glad that it did because, the show was better the second time around, but there was an additional major mummy moment. Isabelle's class were to perform a little song about Mary and Joseph, and the previous night a group of children had sung the first verse leading into Isabelle's class performance. But last night, they didn't. Isabelle was led up onto the huge stage alone. She stood there, all by herself (god she looked so tiny) and sang the first verse all alone. She sang loudly and very clear, remembered all the words and she loved it. Of course, I was in bits, 10 lumps in my throat and pride swelling through my body like I've never known before. She was wonderful.. and what made it even more special was that I didn't know she was going to do it. Thunderous applause from the audience and loads of aaahhhhh's made it really special.

Loads of people came up to me afterwards and said how wonderful she was an what a star she was, and how on earth did she stand up there, not afraid at all and just sing to everyone. awwwww, having a mummy moment again here now LOL.

Anyway, here's my little angel in full swing. (she said it was like being on the x-factor LOL)