Tuesday, September 2

My toddler!

Oh dear, Isabelle makes me shake my head sometimes.

We had to go to Asda to get some shopping, and I'm STILL looking for age 3-4 pinafore dresses for her school uniform as she starts nursery on the 11th.

So I try to get her out of the car, but she won't move. I tell her, c'mon we need to get this shopping done and she says she can't go into Asda. When I ask her why not she says, "I've got a bare bum". Now this child drives me demented lol, she never has any knickers on. I can dress her, and her knickers are off within 10 minutes. I can put them back on, and 10 minutes later, they're off again. Well today she had a dress on, so I didn't notice she didn't have knickers on till she told me at Asda. LOL. So first port of call in Asda was to the kids underwear department! I chose some, took out one pair and put them on her. At least she was now decent lol.

Of course, by then, I was in the kiddies clothes and Asda have some lovely stuff for Isabelle's age. I did quite well though in the sales stuff. I got her 2 summer dresses for £3, a vest top, t-shirt and shorts matching set for £3, two pairs of shorts for 50p and two t-shirts to match the shorts for £1. These will all fit her next year so even if she doesn't get any wear out of them this year, I can put them away till next summer. I was quite chuffed with myself until I walked past the shoes and boots. There were a pair of pink suede ankle boots. A bit like soft doc martins with a spongy type top on them. There was one pair in her size and I always have problems getting shoes and boots to fit her. She must be a common size LOL. So I ended up paying £10 for these ankle boots. She looks great in them though, they really suit her. They've got great doc martin type soles on them too, so she can clomp about in the puddles and mud to her heart's content. I'll just need to scotch guard them first! She adores them and is wearing a pretty, strappy summer dress with little flowers on and looks all cute till you catch sight of her big ankle boots LOL. Bless her.