Sunday, December 7


OMG!! I have finally solved the riddle that has been bugging me for about 6 weeks. You have no idea how releaved I am. It has been the weight of the world on my shoulders and has practically sent me into early dementia.

what was this riddle? well...

I'm not much of a TV watcher but my puter is in the living room and I sit with my back to the TV so I generally hear what's going on. ITV have been using a particular song as a trailer track. Well, I say song, it was a heavy guitar riff. I didn't know what it was and I heard it advertise several different TV programmes coming up, but also Top Gear used the track. It was driving me mental! I hunted the internet but with very little info, found it hard to use the right keywords. I couldn't find anything. Then I remembered that it had been used to advertise The Devil's Whore, so I searched again and voila!! I found out that the track is by Elbow and is called Grounds for Divorce. I heard the full song a while ago and really liked it, but didn't remember where the guitar riff came from.

I am so pleased I now know what it is. I've heard it advertise so much since... and I keep pointing at the telly saying.. I know what you are now... LOL

Here's the song in full... wait for the guitar riff in the middle and another towards the end.. you may even recognise it.

Hacking coughs!

Oh dear, my poor baby. (I know she's three but she's still my baby). She started with a cough on Thursday and by Friday she was coughing more or less continuous. I phoned to get her in to see the Dr but I could only get an appointment with the useless Dr. There was no point in taking her to see him. I managed to find her inhaler and cancelled the appointment. I had to puff the inhaler into a cup and get her to breathe it in. She was actually very good at it. So then came the snotty nose, ewwwwww it ran everywhere! But today is Sunday and the cold is easing off but she's still coughing. It's a lot looser but it's still bad. Poor baby. It's her school play this week (she's a fairy) and it's dress rehearsal tomorrow, but I'm not sure she's well enough to go to school. The annoying thing is that the school play is on Tuesday AND Wednesday at 6pm! I'd rather not be taking her out in the freezing weather we have at that time of night when her cough is so bad. But we'll see how she goes. And now of course, I'm coughing!!!

Mark has been off work for 11 and a half days! arghhhhhhhhh!! it's not been so bad, but it throws me off my routine and he gets in the way LOL. And coffee!! Good grief, I've never known anyone drink so much coffee. The thing is, he expects me to make it.. haha! Nice try pal. Make it yourself.

I've got about half of my Christmas presents bought now. Isabelle is done, but i keep seeing things thinking, oh she'd love that! I have to stop buying for her lol, she has enough junk as it is.

My new baby niece hasn't arrived yet. I phoned my brother yesterday and he says that Sarah is in slow labour. She's having contractions, just not regular ones. She was due on 28th November and now obviously, it's 7th December. The poor girl is now 9 days overdue. Apparently the midwife is going to see her today and give her a membrane sweep and if she doesn't go into full labour they are going to induce her on Wednesday (10th). This is the first December baby in our family. All our baby's have been born in May, June or July, although we do have one in January.

Anyway, I need to go and find my wooly socks. My feet are freezing! Mark thinks my circulation stops at my knees, especially when I get into bed and put my cold feet on him LOL