Saturday, March 7

More Little People

Oooooh, I'm enjoying my Little Tiny People. We went to the model shop today to get some more LOL. I felt a bit geeky to be honest, hunting through all the train sets and tracks and scenery to find little people. I felt like I had to justify my purchase. How sad is that? I didn't though, I just bought and paid for them. I did worry that if I said they were for my latest photography project, I might get wierder looks than if I were buying them for a miniature train set up.

So I bought some Civil Engineers. Apparently Mark said the one reading the schematic diagram is him LOL. Although he's not a Civil Engineer, he's an Electrical Design Engineer and spends his life drawing and looking at schematics as well as designing.

So here's today's Little Tiny People.

I'm really enjoying taking these photographs but find them really easy to do. The hardest part is coming up with the idea. I did have this idea in my head though because Isabelle broke the key on the laptop keyboard that she'd been using to play ceebeebies online.

I've decided to keep a Little Tiny People blog so that I can keep them all in one place, so feel free to take a look and please comment if you get time.