Saturday, April 3

Fancy a giggle?

I was hunting through my photographs today when I came across some videos I took of Isabelle (now 4) when she was tiny.

The first video, she was 1 year old and the second one she's about 16-18 months and hysterical.

Have a giggle on me - oh and ignore my ghastly accent! LOL

Say Cheese

My poor cat...

Please note, I did restrain myself from any Mrs Slocombesque remarks about my pussy ;)

This is where my aged cat has taken to living. I don't mean it's a new sleeping place, I mean she lives in this spot. The only time she moves is for food or drink or to use the litter tray. 

My poor kitty is nearly 19 years old and I'm putting off the inevitable. She's always been an outside cat but rarely ventures over the threshold these days. If she does go outside, she takes a quick look and then comes back in again. All she does is eat, sleep and shed fluff all over her new living space on the arm of the sofa.

She did take to sleeping under our bed a couple of months ago, but her hips no longer work properly and each time she went upstairs I could hear her meowing in pain. So she moved to the sofa arm. Now she just sleeps there all day. 

She is a source of amusement but we shouldn't really laugh, although Isabelle laughs like a drain. The cat keeps falling off things (the arm of the sofa or her own back legs). Isabelle says the cat is broke and we need to get a new one because this one doesn't work properly any more. 

I know in reality it's probably time I took her to the vets for one last visit. I just can't bring myself to do it yet. She's not in constant pain and she looks normal occasionally, especially when it's food time, but she does fall off her back legs a lot, and I keep checking her when she's sleeping to make sure she's still breathing. I just can't bring myself to take her to the vets and say kill my cat please. She's been with me for almost 19 years! 

I know that it's going to be soon though. Poor cat