Saturday, July 12

Another Lovely Day

We had a lovely day today!

We went to the Greenfield Heritage Park, which is about 15 minutes drive from our house. We've passed this place hundreds of times and never wondered what was there, or stopped to see. I found it on the internet the other day and thought it might make a nice day out. So we went today. We didn't actually leave home until about 2pm because Mark had to go and get a secret birthday present lol... I wonder who that could be for? It's not for Isabelle, because I'm getting that on Monday. ;)

Anyway, at the heritage park was some Abbey Ruins (always photogenic), a small farm with Victorian replica houses, an old cotton mill, copper mill and a large fishing lake. There was more, but I couldn't walk any further. The weather was lovely and we asked someone the time and were told that it was just after 5. That shocked us both! The time had gone so fast. We took a slow wander back to the car, although the grounds aren't actually locked. Isabelle made one of her infamous 'collections' on her way back gathering sticks of various sizes and leaves and small branches with leaves on.. bless her.

It was just such a lovely afternoon out. I feel really happy and contented right now. A little bit stiff and sore, but c'est la vie. It was worth it.

Here's a couple of shots from the day. I'm still processing the rest.

I don't know why, but I love this photo. It leapt at me as soon as I walked into the little farmhouse and it came out the way I wanted it to.
I loved these arches.