Thursday, June 12

In the beginning....

Fibromyalgia sufferers have many symptoms and they vary from day to day, and the pain varies from day to day.

I was diagnosed just over 11 years ago with Fibromyalgia. I considered it to be a name for an illness because the Drs couldn't find anything medically wrong that was diagnosable by tests. I had so many tests to rule out what it could be. All were negative. Hence the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. The worst thing about that is that no one believes that you have a 'syndrome', particularly my family.

It's all in the head! It's psychosematic! You're making it up! You're lazy! You're too fat! all these statements have been made. If only they knew!

It took 18 months of tests to actually get that diagnosis. At the time, I was really bad with FMS (fibromyalgia). I had to use a stick to walk with, as i just couldn't get around properly. I thought, OMG, I'm 29 and fit for the knackers yard! Things did improve, although I had the occasional 'flare' that would wipe me out for days. Then I seemed to go into remission. It is heard of, and is wonderful when it does happen.

2 years ago, it started to come back with a vengence. At the moment it seems like it's here permenently. I feel like a zombie most of the time. It's hard work lugging my body around. It feels like my limbs are full of lead or concrete. It takes so much effort to get up out of a chair. Sitting up is very uncomfortable. Walking around in general gets to tiring and painful it's unbelievable and very frustrating.

It's hard on my family. It's now become a day to day battle. Some nights, my back locks up in the night. Couple that with my locking shoulder and I can't move to turn over.

It's absolutely ridiculous to be honest. But this is the stage I'm at at the moment.

I have been trying to get in to see the dr to see where we go from here. Three weeks I've been trying, and he's always fully booked. I may just go and camp on the doorstep until he sees me LOL.