Wednesday, February 18

Awwwww, bless

Aren't 3 year olds cute sometimes?

My 3 year old demon child has been so sweet today, it's like I've had another kid draughted in for the day! But I'm not complaining.

This afternoon she's had me giggling to myself. She has a friend at school called Tommy, who she plays with quite often and she's always talking about him. Well, today Tommy pretended to come and play. This is the invisible Tommy. Isabelle has talked to him all day, chatted and played games. When she's had a drink, Tommy has had to have a pretend drink. When she's needed a wee, they've both needed a wee and have gone upstairs 'together' and she's been holding Tommy's hand. (remember he's the invisible Tommy).

When I cooked her dinner, Tommy wanted some too. Luckily, Tommy wanted the same as Isabelle was having. I told her he would have to share off her plate. She said ok. There was no way I was making a plate of dinner for her invisible friend LOL. But she sat and shared her dinner. every now and then, she'd hold a spoonful of dinner off to one side because that was Tommy's bit.

Then Tommy decided to stay the night and was going to sleep in Isabelle's bed with her so they could snuggle and be friends. He had to have his pyjamas on (Isabelle helped him) and then when I covered her up, she said.. "wait, Tommy isn't in bed yet". I had to hold the duvet back for him to climb in [rolling my eyes to myself at this point]. Tommy chose the bedtime story (apparently) and he had to have a bedtime kiss and love from me...oh good grief LOL. I humoured Isabelle and went along with it as it was obviously important to her, bless her.

I'm not sure what psychologists would make of it, but I have my theory. She's been wanting to use the toilet upstairs but won't go up alone. I've told her that if she's big enough to use the toilet, she's big enough to go by herself. She has a very strong 'mum attachment' and I'm trying to break it a bit, because it seems she can't do anything by herself but to be honest, she has got to start doing them. So, when she needed the toilet this afternoon, that's when Tommy arrived. She's gone upstairs by herself (with Tommy) all afternoon, no problems. Not once has she asked me to go with her. We've also had a few problems with her going to bed. She doesn't like to be alone in her bedroom, so I think if Tommy is there with her (in her mind obviously) she's quite happy to go to bed. There's been no shouting or anything tonight.

I told Mark, good grief, I can't cope with 2 kids, especially when I can't see one of them LOL. I just hope that Tommy doesn't start getting into mischief and getting the blame for 'mishaps'.

We have a thing when I've said goodnight and kissed and loved Isabelle, she likes me to blow kisses from the door on my way out. She always asks for a different number of kisses. Tonight she wanted thirty onety two. LOL. She can count easily to 70 or so before she's bored and stops, so where thirty onety two came from I have no idea LOL

Bless the little cherub.