Friday, December 11

What is old?

Me and my other half (I didn't like to say my other half and I, for fear of sounding like the Queen) often have some strange, funny or bizzarre conversations when we get to bed. Last night he ended up insulting me without meaning to (I did find it funny and played on it).

Mark is going to be 40 on the 20th of December. (I already reached 40 18 months ago!), so he declared he will officially be old. Old at 40??? eh? But I'm 41 and I'm not old!! So it seems that old is a personal peception.

When I was 18, 30 was practically ancient and I would never be that OLD. So i reached 30 and well, actually, it wasn't old. Then I reached 40, and actually, I'm still not old. OK so I have wrinkles that are getting more prominent as the years go by, and laughter lines as I like to call them. Crows feet sound so horrible. My face is definately becoming lived in, but I still don't class myself as old. Old is 80 to me. I wonder when I'm 80 if I'll think of myself as old. In fact on Wednesday night at the school play I was lucky enough to sit next to Father Christmas. Well.. the gentleman that is our school Father Christmas, and as he was off duty he was in his civvies and had shaved for the occasion, but at one point he called me a young whippersnapper.. LOL.. bless him.. I lapped that up.

I suppose to anyone under the age of 30 I am old, to anyone over the age of 60, I'm young, so I guess I'm in middle age, and that sounds horrible.

So our conversation continued in it's light hearted humerous way and Mark said he'll be dead by the time he's 80 (what?) so I asked why. He said because he wouldn't want to live with a cantankerous old cow, and that I'm bad enough now insisting I'm not old. (insert sounds of him being beaten around the head and then muffled breathing as the pillow is held over his head and my thoughts of you won't live to be 40 at this rate). He then said, do you know why men die before women? Because they want to... (more head beating and muffled laughter from under the pillow).

So I thanked him for his cutting remarks and wonderful conversation and said that I needed my beauty sleep to which he replied.. yes, you do. WHAT? I gave him 'the look'  which CAN be seen in the dark, and he tried to dig his way out by saying that if I didn't get my sleep I wouldn't stay as beautiful as I am.. what a crock! Your ladder isn't long enough to climb out of that big hole you just dug yourself into mate! He carried on trying to climb out but I just told him, best shut up while you still have the ability to speak. LOL

I did go to sleep with a smile on my face as it was all done in good humour, and those that know Mark, know exactly the way he is and that he'd never say anything like that to me in any other way than humour, he's a wind up merchant and he does get as good as he gives. So ... after last night.. it's my turn next for the 'put downs'.