Saturday, February 14


Well after my not expecting a Valentine Card, I was shocked to say the least, that Mark actually did get me a card, a very nice card too! What was even sweeter (god help me if he ever saw me saying he was sweet lol) is that he got our 3 year old, Isabelle, a card too. On the envelopes it said No 1 Girl and No 2 Girl.. and I got the No 1 Girl LOL. Sounds really silly, but as I've said before, he just isn't romantic, so this is quite a bigger deal than it might be for anyone else.

He did have a grumble about 10 minutes later about how commercialised it all is and how much the cards are and that if he protested about the price and decided not to get one, did it mean he didn't care.... grumble grumble... but after all the money he spends on his bikes, surely I'm worth a couple of quid? It seems I might just be.

Happy Valentines day to you all!!