Tuesday, October 21

Published again!


I've just received an email from the features editor from PhotoPlus Magazine (the canon specific mag) saying that she wants to print one of my photographs in the next issue of PhotoPlus!

I now have to send a mugshot (arrrghhhhh) and a write up about the shot, what I was trying to achieve, how I achieved it, settings used, lenses used, post processing etc.

Mark is chuffed to bits too as it's a photograph of him wheeliing his bike LOL. He now thinks he's going to be famous ROFL.

This is the shot that's going to print. I can't believe it.. this was just me playing with the photograph and pushing the boundaries!

Weigh in - week three

I've been to class and got weighed in this morning. Another three pounds loss!! woohoo. That's 10 pounds in three weeks. Only four pounds away from losing a stone. Highly unlikely that I'll lose 4 pounds in a week, but even so, I'll be so close to a stone next week.

It's going to be a long haul, but I'm still as motivated as I was when I started. I've bought the slimming world magazine today so I'm going to see what recipies are in there for me to try this week.

I can't really tell much difference in myself by looking although I don't have four boobs anymore LOL... you know when your bra is a bit tight and you sort of pop out the middle. Oh, and my shoes are too big!!! The slop off my feet when I walk, which is extremely annoying as I've only had them about six weeks. But it's annoying in a nice way LOL