Friday, December 12

My latest venture

A shameless plug today ;)

I've started a new little venture to try and earn myself a few pennies. It's not going to make me rich or be a millionaire, as much as I'd like it to, but any extra cash is a bonus.

I've been making Fairy Doors. What on earth is a fairy door you may well be asking. Well, these are fairy doors.

They are little garden ornaments to put on a tree, or in a special place in the garden. You could even put them somewhere in the house if you like. I have several other designs too, some big, some small, some tiny. They're cute.

The first batch I did, I sold all but two tiny ones on ebay. I was chuffed to bits. So now I've made some more (the ones above) and I've made myself a little online store called Little Garden Friends - go on, click the link... you know you want to ;) I've got a proper domain name yet. I didn't want to splash the cash out if I sell nothing.

I'm waiting for delivery of a little angel mould and a little cherub mould and then I'll make and paint those. Then.. next week, I'll be getting some little mushroom houses. (yes I know I live in fairyland lol) but there are three designs, all different, so anyone who wants to could have their own little fairy / elf village :D

Cool!! I'm having fun