Wednesday, May 12

The Gallery - Men

And so quickly after the last one (ok, it's a week but it's gone so fast!) the Gallery theme is: Men. Pictures of the men in your life - dads, sons, uncles, teachers, partners, brothers. 

My most favourite man in the whole world is no longer with us. My Dad. It will be 6 years in just over a month since he died. A very painful time for me and I'm already dreading that anniversary day. I'll deal with it. But by god it hurts. These are two of my favourite photos of me with my dad (although my younger brother is in the second shot too. What is really shocking for me, every time I see him, is that the younger brother in the second photo is now aged 36 and the absolute double of my dad in the first shot. It could quite easily be the same person. It spooks me every time I see him.

And on to the men currently in my life. 

Aged 21 I had a son. A brother for his then 5 year old sister. He was 8lbs 7oz born, a nice chubby baby boy. He was hell on earth! Now I know that so many people can say that they gave birth to a devil child, but seriously, this kid was so bad that my mum refused to have him at all and said he was satan himself. Looking back, if I'd have had his behaviour investigated he would have been labled ADHD or something similar, but back then (he's 20 in 2 weeks time) it wasn't a priority of health care to lable kids with some disorder or not like they do now. But I'm glad I didn't get him a lable. He has turned out into one of the nicest 19/20 year old's you could wish to meet. He grew out of his childhood frustrations and violent temper tantrums and now, really doesn't have a temper at all. He's very laid back and easy going and very trustworthy, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mum, he really is like that. This is my baby boy.

This is from a photoshoot I did for him and his band. He's in the hat on the far left.

And then there's the other man in my life. The pig headed know it all, extremely stubborn man that is my hubby.  I make him sound awful, but as well as these being his weaknesses, they are also his strengths and have got him to where he is today. He has the determination and sheer pig headdedness to succeed that I don't. He will beat something into submission, he won't let anything get the better of him. I have the calm and patience that he doesn't, so between us we can achieve anything. We are very different kinds of people but work so well together because of that. I can take and use his strengths and he can do with same with mine. He frustrates the poop out of me sometimes, but I'm sure I do the same for him. I really couldn't do it all without him sometimes.

yes, he agreed to get most of his kit off for a photoshoot for me LOL, and the guitar shot is the essence of him. He didn't know I took this photograph, he was lost in what he was doing. Oh, and btw, he doesnt' smoke anymore. he gave up 5 years ago and has never smoked since.

So there you have it. The important men in my life. Don't forget to pop over to Sticky Fingers and check out the other wonderful posts for this week's gallery. Grab a cuppa first though, you may be there some time.