Tuesday, January 26

Stuck for a book!

I hate being in this situation! I'm stuck for a book!

Due to current physical state, I read a lot. Last week I read Pillars of the Earth (1000+ pages, and yes, in one week!). I can't read the sequel, because I've already read it last year LOL. It didn't matter to be honest, that I read them in reverse order as there wasn't a cliffhanger at the end of the first book.

So I'm asking for suggestions.

What kind of books do I read? well.... Mainly historical or fantasy books. Historical as in, I've not long finished three books by Conn Iggulden about Genghis Khan (Wolves of the Plain trilogy). I also read Tim Severin's Vikings trilogy and one of my all time favourite books is Aztec by Gary Jennings, so that's the kind of historical book I enjoy. Not period drama novels.

Fantasy novel wise, I've read things like The Dragonlance Chronicles, in fact all the Dragonlance books by Weiss and Hickman. The Sword of Truth series (about 8 books) by Terry Goodkind.

Some fantasy novelists drone on and on, setting a scene, introducing characters that really aren't necessary and drive me bonkers, so I am a bit choosy about fantasy novels.

I don't like girly books. Although I did enjoy Watermelon by Marian Keyes. I can't stand Mills and Boon sloppy romance or Danielle Steele. I did read A Boy Called It, but I couldn't read anymore of these child abuse books.

I did enjoy The Memory Keepers Daughter (Kim Edwards), and Follow The River (by Laura Ingels Wilder) so I don't just stick to Bloodythirsty History or Fantasy. Another one I enjoyed was A Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, and Joe Abercrombie's First Law Series (Before They Are Hanged was the first book). I really tried to read The Timetravellers Wife, but I just ended up confused LOL

I've read so many excellent books and put so many down that I thought would be excellent and weren't. I know taste in books is a very personal thing.  Mark keeps telling me to read The Gunslinger series by Stephen King, but I just can't bear how Stephen King meanders around through 10 pages to tell you one thing. I don't like horror books, my imagination is too overactive to cope with them. By the time I've read three pages, in my head, there are three people waiting in the bathroom to gore me to death, another half a dozen on the stairs and a vampire in my wardrobe.. LOL.

Anyway, have you read any good books that you would recommend?


I've started...

a new blog.

It's called, What Isabelle says and Does. It's going to be purely a record of all the amusing things Isabelle says and does that makes her my little ray of sunshine. I'm sure she'll love me to bits for this when she gets older, but my memory is so bad that if I want to remember them at all, I need them written down to refer to in years to come.

Please pop over and take a read (regularly?) of What Isabelle Says and Does