Friday, October 17

A slimming World Forum

Wow! I found a Slimmers Forum today and joined. It's one of these all diets and plans covered type of forum and they have a slimming world section. Obviously that's the bit I was interested in.

The amazing thing about this forum, which is so different to my class, is that the majority of the members are large... and I mean as large or larger than I am. I don't mean that in a bad way, what I mean is that I feel comfortable there. It's not like I have 8 stone to lose and everyone else has 1 stone to lose. There are some people who are or have been slimming from 25 stone. So I've slotted into the forum nicely. Some of the weight losses are phenomenal! And seeing the before and after pictures is totally inspiring! I've decided that I'm going to have my photograph taken on the 1st of each month just to keep as a record. A full shot photograph... OMG.. I can't remember the last time i had a full shot photo taken.

One area of this new forum made my mouth just hang open in shock. These people are on a diet called Liptrim (I think that's what it's called). It's a complete food replacement diet where you just drink shakes all day, similar to Slimfast but a bit more drastic. The majority of these people lose between 11 and 15 pounds in their first week..yes.. FIRST WEEK!! OMG!! then after that they lose on average anywhere between 3 and 8 pounds A WEEK. They are losing 3 or 4 stone in 8 to 10 weeks!! I am in shock. Apparently it's only available through a pharmacy an it is issued a week at a time and they also weigh you in before you buy your next week's supply. It's about £36 a week. The thing that bothers me most about this.. apart from people saying how hungry they are the first week, and how tired and strange they feel for the first couple of weeks... is what happens to their skin? Surely to god the fat is going far quicker than the skin can shrink back? I have visions of skinny people walking around dragging yards of floppy skin behind them or plonking it in a wheelbarrow in front of them to carry it around LOL. I don't have the courage yet to go and ask them if their skin shrinks back quickly enough LOL.

I must admit the thought of losing 3 stone in 8 weeks is soooo tempting, but I know I wouldn't survive it. I need food too much. I hate feeling hungry and really don't want to feel tired and strange. I have enough of that already LOL. Slow and steady wins the day.. and I won't need a wheelbarrow to haul my skin around at the end of the day LOL