Friday, January 9

About time!

Well it's about time I checked in here.. slacker that I am. Where does the time go?

Christmas and New Year were spent visiting family. It's nice to see everyone but we racked up 1000 miles on the clock. I'm not doing it next year. They can come to me. We are the only ones with a little kid yet we have to do all the travelling. So next year we will spend Christmas at home and anyone who wants to visit is more than welcome to.

Weight loss wise, I lost 4 and a half pounds Christmas week and then another 1 pound New year week. It was so difficult at the Outlaws over New Year. Mark's mum is 8 stone wet through and has no idea about healthy eating. I'm sure she adds fat to food for the sake of it being there. I did take stuff with me that i knew I could eat but when it came to New Years dinner, I really didn't want to be difficult. I stuck mainly to the meat and veg, but even the gravy was made with the meat fat and juices. So to lose a pound after spending 5 days there, I was happy with. Total loss is now 2 stone 8 pounds on Slimming World, but.. I had my follow up appointment with the dietician yesterday. I saw him mid September for my first appointment and WI. So weighing in with him yesterday he says I've lost a total of 42 pounds since I last saw him. Of course, he was over the moon and genuinely happy for me. I see him again in another 3 months, just so he can keep his eye on me.. bless him LOL.

I've also started my 40 day 'Slimathon' to raise money for the NSPCC. Slimming World do this every year for a different charity, so I thought well I'm losing anyway I might as well raise pounds while i'm losing pounds.

If anyone ever reads this blog and would like to donate, you can visit my just giving sponsor page by CLICKING HERE