Wednesday, September 9

Today life is good!

Not often I say that eh? LOL

The sun is out, I have the house to myself, I have no washing or ironing waiting to be done... (shock!) and my vow to myself is to try and keep on top of it so it doesn't build up again.

Monday was quite a big day for me although a little stressful. We've had problems with our bank and for reasons I won't go into, they cancelled all our direct debit payments half way through the month. This meant that half our bills including the mortgage weren't going to be paid. I spent Monday morning on the phone to everyone we pay each month re-arranging direct debit payments from a different bank account. I also made the payment they were due for this month over the phone right there and then. By half past one, I had spoken to everyone, set up all new direct debits, paid all money due and still had enough money left over to last us to the end of the month!! What a relief. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The black cloud of stress and anxiety and money worry vanished. It also means that when we get paid at the end of this month we are completely in the clear. No bank charges (even though we are in dispute about the ones they have been taking and putting us further and further in the red!) so everything that is earned this month after bills are paid, is ours.

It's such an awful feeling knowing that we were going to be so short of money each month and wondering how we were going to manage, but we're not going to have that next month. I will be able to put some away to save towards Christmas and still have enough to survive for the month with a bit spare to splash about. OK, it's not a lot spare by a long way, but at least it means I won't have to watch every single penny that's spent.

I can't even tell you how good it feels to have it all worked out.

I had to pop to our local shopping area for a few things I needed. I'd honestly forgotten that it can be quite a pleasureable experience. For the past 4 years I've had Isabelle with me. To start with I had to time my trips out between feeding a baby. Then I was limited to which shops I could go in because of a pram, then buggy, then walking child that likes to touch everything. I had none of that today. I walked around at my leisure and went into any shop I chose, even if it was just for a wander. I didn't have to rush back to get Isabelle from Nursery at 11.30 - I had as long as I wanted to just wander and browse. OMG.. it was just so nice. I walked around in silence, not having to answer endless questions and reason with a 4 year old that didn't want to go into the bank or a particular shop, or keep saying no you can't have that...

today was bliss! LOL What a sad case I am being so happy about something like this.