Thursday, March 11

The Gallery - Think of a Number

For this weeks' Gallery theme, Tara at Sticky Fingers has chosen 'number' as the theme. Oh so many numbers to choose from. My kids ages, my age, how many years Mark and I have been married etc etc... but I've opted for the more unusual again LOL.

I've chosen the number 2, because it's a number that is relevant this week to me. As I may have mentioned before, I love adore going to Oulton Park Race Circuit and photographing the motorsport, particularly the motorbikes. I can't wait until May when the Brisish Superbikes spend three days at Oulton. Yay!!!

Last year, Leon Camier on the Number 2 motorbike the Airwaves Yamaha, won the British Superbike Championship. He's now moved up to World Superbikes so I won't be able to photograph him this year (sadly, cos he's a bit of a hunk!) The other reason I've opted for the number 2 and for using Leon Camier is that the photograph below and 5 others taken by me were added to Leon Camier's personal websitem, with my lil' ol' name underneath for the world to see.. woohoo. I will be famous one day dammit LOL

So here you go, the number 2 - my photograph of Leon Camier on his Airwaves Yamaha. I am quite partial to this shot too because you can see his eyes looking up the track ready for his next move. (click to view full size)