Monday, December 7

I have a confession...

Dear readers, I have sinned. I feel the need to confess.

I have been (sadly) addicted to I'm a celebrity get me out of here!

I NEVER watch it, in all the years it's been on, I have avoided it like the plague. But this year, I got sucked into it. It all began with Gino D'Acampo. I've watched a lot of programmes with his cookery in over the years. I love his humour, his style and his rather sexy Italian accent. He was put into the jungle this year. So, I had a sneaky peak, declaring to my other half that Celebrity is a pile of dog do and I certainly wouldn't be watching it. Then they put Katie Price (aka Jordan) in there. Ohhhhh, let me see her suffer. And suffer she did. I was sucked into the programme to see her suffering the notorious bush tucker trials. She was covered in bugs, had to eat kangaroo un-mentionables etc. And every single night, the public voted for her to do the next disgusting trial. When it was announced that she had to do her 7th trial in a row, she walked out of the jungle - she couldn't hack it anymore. By then, I had become addicted. Oh the shame of it. It seems that in this day and age, watching something like Celebrity is a bit of a taboo subject. It seems to get a lot of viewers but not many people admit to watching it. But come on... Gino D'Acampo walking around the jungle semi-naked.. well... nuff said (very sexist of me eh?). Kim Woodburn the 67 year old, very outspoken matriarch of the camp was excellent, lovey, darling... and George Hamilton was great for his 70 years young and was so funny. Even my hubby, who pretended to be sat at his computer satisfying his ECA (ebay compulsion addiction) was watching with one eye and listening with one ear.

So Gino was crowned (very rightly) King of the Jungle, but it's not all over for him. He will have to go back to Australia in February to go to court. The Austrailian RSPCA are taking him to court for catching, killing, cooking and eating a rat. Lets face it, if you are in a camp and there's only rice and beans to eat for dinner and you see a rat wandering around under your bed and you've not eaten meat for days, surely you'd kill and cook it too? yummm, rat risotto LOL. The RSPCA have said it was killed and cooked as a TV ratings stunt and that ITV planted the rat for sensationalism. Apparently, Gino could spend three years in jail for it. what a load of codswallop!! It's a bloody rat for god's sake!!

Anyway, I've confessed my sins, it is now over and I'm suffering no withrawal symptoms other than seeing Gino walk round in just his shorts. [sigh]