Friday, February 13


Well my doom and gloom seems to be lifting. I woke up in a much better mood this morning. I'd procrastinated long enough and managed to get a few things out of the way that had been loitering waiting to be done, I just really couldn't be bothered to face them and get them done. Stupid really because the more I ignored them, the more they shouted to be done! Anyway, they are now done so one less thing to think about.

I've also managed to get all birthday cards and thank you cards written and posted, Mark's valentines card written, despite me saying I was cancelling valentines day LOL. I'm not going to get my hopes up at receiving anything myself because he is the worlds most un-romantic bloke I've ever known. And I'm not going to sulk if he doesn't remember valentines day.. I'm used to it now LOL. His cries of it's over-rated and is a media hype to get people to spend money when it's not necessary can be heard for hours.

I did a full shop yesterday (£112!!!!!). I told everyone that if this food doesn't last a week at least, they will have to starve. It's amazing how much they eat when there's newly bought food in the house. I've also told them they have to ask before they dive into the fridge LOL. The thing is, I've planned the meals for the week and both Russ and Mark are terrible for helping themselves to something from the fridge only for me to go and cook dinner at a later date and find that it's already been eaten! Isabelle is on an eating spree at the moment too. She's always been a very picky eater and has always gone through phases of eating very very little, to eating non stop. She's actually beginning to try new things now instead of turning her nose up at the look of it. She announced last night that she wanted chicken (she's just decided to try it and likes it after months of me convincing her that it's nice and good for her), so chicken, sausages and pasta parcels (ravioli) all on the same plate. Oh and some ham thrown in for good measure followed by milky bar ice cream. Little piggy. Chances are today she'll eat nothing.

I felt a bit bad last night when Mark got in from work. We did the usual 'coming home from work' catch up chatter and then he asked me if I was alright. (shock!!) I must have looked a right state for him to notice LOL. I told him I was down in the dumps so he asked why. Uh oh! mistake there Mark if you didn't really want to know LOL I told him life was getting me down.. or the lack of life that I have. Slave to the house etc etc. He said.... try going to work full time, then you'll know what not having a life is! I must admit, the thought of picking up the wok I was cooking stir fry in and whacking him over the head repeatedly did cross my mind, but I restrained myself. He forgets that I was working full time before Isabelle was born. I said, but if I was working full time, I'd still have to do all the crap in the house ASWELL as working full time. He said "fair point". (more shock!)

So CG, yes you are very right. The fact that I don't go out of the house to a place of work and get paid for it means that I don't actually work. The fact that I am on call 24/7 for 365 days a year, and have to jump at a second's notice, all for free.. doesn't count for anything. I'd love to put an advert in the newpaper to ask someone to apply for a job that consists of: cleaner, financial manager (magician also comes under the category of financial manager), nurse, teacher, head chef, laundry assistant, child minder, chauffeur and general dogsbody to cover anything else that crops up. Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Holiday per annum: nil. Hourly rate: £0. I wonder how many people would apply? LOL