Friday, April 9

Secret Post Club - belated

Firstly, I really must apologise to both Pamela and Heather for not posting this sooner. I'm really sorry - life got in the way, then I couldn't find the photograph I took and... well... this post is a lot later than I originally intended.

I had the most beautifully wrapped packages inside my parcel, it was gift heaven and when I opened it, I couldn't stop smiling.

I am a listaholic! I drive my hubby bonkers! I write lists of lists! As you can see, inside the box are notepads, sticky tabs, a meal planner (which is on my fridge and I use all the time). The pencils are lovely and I have to keep reminding Isabelle that they're mine LOL. Isabelle was also delighted to see a parcel for her. She made up the little Easter necklace straight away and loves wearing it. Oh and the chocolate went down a treat too :)

Thanks so much Pamela, I loved everything in it. And I now also visit your beautiful blog. You seem such a lovely person.