Thursday, September 11


My baby started Nursery today!

I know it's a really poor picture but I took it with the little point and shoot that madam has obviously stuck her sticky fingers on the lens. But here she is in her school uniform. The strange thing is, it makes me sad that she's growing up so fast. It's probably because I know she's my last child.

She did good at school though apart from me leaving. She didn't want me to go and had a bit of a panic. But one of the teachers took her and once Isabelle knew her name, she was fine. She's always had a bit of a panic when she doesn't know people's names. She was the same in playgroup. She came home today with a little certificate saying 'My first day at school'. It lists her teachers' names and who she made friends with, what she played with and the thing she likes to do in school the most. Something else to go in my memory box. So there it is, she's now going 5 mornings a week.

My new camera lens arrived at last! I was getting a bit worried. The guy said he posted it on Friday 1st class and it still wasn't here by lunchtime today. I had an appointment at 3.15pm (more of that in a moment) and I was just getting ready to leave when there was a knock on the door. Much to my pleasure, it was my new lens. all 170-500mm of it .. wahooooo!! This is going to be great for my motorsport photography. I can't wait to get out there and try it. I'll have to buy some more bird seed tomorrow so I can practice taking shots of the birds in the garden LOL. My 300mm lens just doesn't reach far enough to get a good bird shot on the bird table.

This afternoon I saw the dietician. My GP referred me and I had my heckles up before I went. I'm allergic to dieticians lol. Well, my previous experience of a dietician was a very overweight, very over-bearing woman telling me how, and what to eat. This afternoon's appointment was very different. It was a very nice Irish chap. Poor bloke has been lumbered all his life with being called Mr P Green. LOL. I was dying to ask him if he did P Green, but I refrained. He was lovely though and we had a really good chat. It was more like talking to a friend than a specialist. He's asked me to go back to see him again in 2 months. He's posting me a load of info he wants me to read through and he's going to work with me on changing my eating habits... or should I say bad eating habits. The likes of, not eating until mid afternoon, or evening. He wants me to eat breakfast, even if it's just a slice of toast before I take Isabelle to school. He said I wouldn't expect a car to run on no fuel, so how can I expect my body to run on none. He also put me right on the thinking that if I didn't eat breakfast that my body would use it's reserves. Erm, no. It doesn't work like that apparently. He did explain why and didn't treat me like a fat idiot, which was really nice. We're going to work on losing 20% of my body weight. This will apparently increase my health quite substantially. He's not given a timescale for it, he just said, as long as my weight is going down, then he'll be happy. He also is giving me a plan to work with. This is the info he's sending me, but it's about how to get things right in my head.. the planning, the lifestyle changes and the retraining my brain and body to accept food as fuel instead of a luxury and then beating myself up about it if I eat something that I consider to be wrong.

The one thing that did shock me, was that you only need to over-eat your body's natural calorie requirements by 140 calories per day to put a stone on in one year! Wow, that is so easy to do!

Anyway... onwards and upwards.. positive mental attitude and all that. Stop making excuses and make myself healthy.