Tuesday, March 30

Entertaining the bored

Day two of the Easter Holidays, and my 4 year old declared she's bored. So we've spent the day making Easter stuff.

We are now over-run with a new family of chicks (there are more than you can see here!) and we've made Easter baskets to put chocolate eggs in.

This one was our favourite, although Isabelle did quite like the bunny one she made for her daddy (which you can see in the picture above). Now we need to wait until payday tomorrow to be able to go and buy some little eggs to put inside.

We now have the problem of where the chicks are going to live. I think we'll have to make a nest so they can live in that in Isabelle's bedroom. So now, both we and the table are covered in glue (despite newspaper) and have fluff and cotton wool all over the place! But we had fun, and that's what counts.

To make the chicks you will need: yellow pompoms, orange (thick) paper for feet and beaks, wobbly eyes, glue. Very easy to assemble.

To make the card baskets you'll need: Yellow card, pompom chick (from above), tissue paper for inside the basket.

I wrapped the card around our square toothbrush holder, but any square or rectangular box would do (as if you're wrapping a present, but leave one end open) Add a handle. Stick your chick on the front. I then added some cut out wings and a tail. fill the box with torn up crepe paper and then add chocolate eggs. The bunny was made more or less the same way only (obviously) a bunny's face. (he does have a cotton wool tail on the back too.