Monday, November 23

Recipe for meltdown...

Take the following:

1 very large helping of emotional 41 yr old female who feels very bogged down with life.
1 very large helping of arrogant, up himself husband
1 statement from female of 'just popping to the garden centre to find some Christmas Ornaments to photograph'
1 large helping of 'don't be so selfish, we'll come with you'.
1 massive argument that evolved from wanting half an hour to myself, not forgetting to add in belittling remarks.
1 very large helping of extremely low self esteem.

Mix it all together very vigorously. Bake it at a very high tempertature, but whilst it's baking get husband to throw in very large helpings of emotional blackmail and extra large helpings of guilt.

After half an hour you will find that you have the biggest meltdown for a long time. Don't forget to let afore mentioned husband keep poking meltdown for the rest of the day just to make sure you keep it fresh!