Wednesday, August 20


Oh this is ridiculous!! It's now Wednesday and I can still barely walk or move very well. It's extremely painful and nothing wants to work. I hurt! This is all because we had a day out on Sunday. I've just booked an appointment with the Dr (not my usual Dr as he's on holiday, and I don't really like the Dr I'm going to see, but it's better than nothing). I doubt there's very much he can do but I'll go anyway because the pain is getting too much.

Aside from the post day out suffering, we had a lovely day at Warwick Castle. A group of us from The Photographers Corner met for the day. I'd not met several of the members before so it was really nice to meet a few new people.

After all these years I got to see some jousting. I've wanted to see jousting since I was very little, and I loved every minute of it. The horsemanship was brilliant, and of course, they were knights which made it even better :) The commentary was excellent and done with a lot of humour. We could barely take photographs for laughing. It was brilliant!

The Flight of the Eagles was the other highlight of the day. They flew a Bald Eagle, a Grey Buzzard, which I can't remember it's proper name, and a Vulture. The bird handler said that birds of prey will normally fly low over your head but will miss you. If it looks like the vulture is going to hit you... duck, because it will. It seems this bird, although it will get it's wings and body over your head, will clip you with it's trailing legs. It doesn't have much of a brain LOL. Then they flew a sea eagle. What a gorgeous bird. Apparently it has an 8ft wingspan. It looked magnificent in flight. I think my shot of the day was the Sea Eagle.

The work I had to do on this photograph was unbelievable. Looking at it again, it could do with a bit of a colour boost on the bird but that's by the by. If you look closely (being critical of myself) the bottom half of the trees are a bit shabby. This is due to my bad cloning. I had to clone out so much crowd it's shocking! There were people packed like sardines up to the level of his talons. I think I have to go and rework it and do a better clone job as I think I would like to print this one and hang it on the wall.

I'm going to upload all my other Warwick Castle photos to my photography website later today if I get chance. But here's one of Isabelle sitting against the castle walls just after eating a Magnum. Well, I say eating... I think she wore most of it LOL