Wednesday, December 17

Faith restored in humanity

Today was a pretty good day. Yesterday afternoon wasn't so good, but then my faith was restored in humanity.

I popped down to the supermarket, did what I had to do and on the way out Isabelle needed a wee. This is her favourite game at the moment! Grrrr. I can't make her wait either or she just pee's in her knickers. So I held her out behind the car door near the rear wheel and then we were on our way home. Oh no! When I got home I realised I'd done something completely stupid. I'd left my purse on the roof of the car from when I gave Isabelle her wee. I phoned the supermarket. No one had handed it in, and it wasn't in the car park where I said I'd parked. I phoned Mark and asked him if he could re-trace my drive home on his way back from work. I then phoned the police to let them know what an idiot I'd been!

There was only £10 in my purse, but there were my switch cards. We don't have credit cards so that wasn't a worry, only the two debit cards, but even so, I didn't want to be cancelling those so close to Christmas and going away etc etc.

Half an hour later there was a knock on the door and there stood my knight in shining armour (metaphorically of course) with my purse in his hands. He said he'd seen it come off the top of my car, the car in front of him had driven over it but he pulled over and picked it up. He'd gone to the police station with it, he hadn't even opened it himself.. wow! The police saw my driving licence in there with my address on and the guy said he'd drop it off. My god.. honest people do exist among all the crap and crime that goes on. I thanked him profusely, and off he went on his merry way having done a good deed. I felt so flippin' stupid!

So today, my book FINALLY arrived after waiting almost 2 weeks for it. Grrrrr. I've had book three for ages, but obviously I need to read book 2 first. I can now, at last, get started on it.

Also, my new mould arrived today. I'm really in to making these plaster cast garden ornaments. I love making them. The first of my little mushroom cottages arrived today.. woohoo. So of course, I made one straight away. I used the last of my plaster and had to order some more, but when needs must and all that. So I've spent tonight painting up my first mushroom cottage. Bad photo's but lack of light, the flash blew the whites out and i really couldn't be arsed to mess about. I'll take some better ones tomorrow when I have some daylight.

The kitten has had me in hysterics. The stupid mog has been running around with my paintbrush in his mouth, tripping over it. He's hidden it, I can't find it anywhere! LOL

Oh and Isabelle decorated the gingerbread house kit I bought. I put it together and then she 'threw' the decorations at it. I thought it looked like Dorothy's house from the wizard of oz when it landed.. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto LOL. Bless her though, she loved doing it.