Tuesday, February 3

About time!

Well, it's about time i picked my camera up in earnest!

There is a lovely little church in a village not far from where I live. This church always looks lovely whatever the weather, but i thought.. hmmm snow would look great on this church. I went to slimming this morning, picked Isabelle up from Nursery and bribed her with the promise of a McDonalds for lunch. I don't take her very often at all, so the promise of it went down well on the condition that she was good for me while I took a couple of photographs.

The biggest problem was that I couldn't park anywhere near where I had my mind's eye shot. Grrrr. So I ended up parking around the back of the church, on a hill that was slick with ice! I dreaded coming back down in the car and sliding to the bottom!

Isabelle ran around in the snow like a looney so I managed to get a couple of shots. I really wanted to walk around to the front of the church but she was nearly crying with the cold, so unfortunately, being the doting and attentive mother that I am [LOL] said we'd leave. I didn't get the shot I wanted. That said, I am happy with the shot I got.

(click the image to view full size)

So on we went to McDonalds. As I parked the car, Isabelle spotted a robin sat on the fence right in front of us. Typically, I only had my 28-70mm lens on (short lens) so I moved in stealth mode so I didn't scare the robin off. I've only ever got one half decent shot of a robin, and have never got a shot of a robin in the snow. Well this little chap must have been hungry and thought we were going to feed him. Isabelle sat quietly in the car which is amazing in itself, but the little robin sat there and let me get really close up to him for some photographs. I now have my robin in the snow shot. Bless his little red tummy.

(click the image to view full size)

And here is the little madam playing in the snow.