Monday, February 2

Excited 3 year old and Grumpy hubby

Monday is great for me beacuse Isabelle goes to Nursery school in the morning, Russ has gone to work and Mark has also gone to work. I get a morning of peace and quiet. Ok, so it's only until 11.30, but I enjoy my Monday mornings!

Mark is in a foul mood this morning and I'm glad he's not home! It snowed a tiny bit overnight so of course he can't take the motorbike. He automatically assumes that the days when he can't take his bike, he can have the car! erm... NO!! I suggested he take the bus. Talk about if looks could kill. I said I have to get Isabelle to school still. He told me to take the bus to get her to school. rofl.. in your dreams!! So he stomped off in a mood. But that's ok because his mood has gone with him to work LOL.

Isabelle is so excited about the snow, but it's only a little bit. There's nowhere near enough to make even the tiniest snowman, although it has just started to drop a few flakes again, so we might get to make one later. She didn't see snow last year and she can't remember it from the one day we had of it the year before. She has parked bum on the windowsill of the front window and keeps saying, oh look mummy, it snowed! Bless her. She can be so cute.

She also had a cute moment when we first got up at 6.45am this morning. We were coming down the stairs and we could hear the kitten meowing from the kitchen. Oh, she said. I wondered what that music was. I told her it was the kitten meowing. She said she could hear it in the night and thought it was the fairies having a party and singing. It was beautiful music she said. awwwwww, talk about making your heart melt.