Wednesday, February 4

Dave Gorman

Whilst on my internet rambles, I ended up on Flickr, as I often to, and found out that the writer and comedian Dave Gorman has a gallery there. Turns out, he's an hobbyist photographer. Wooooo, same as me :-D LOL I ended up trawling through his gallery and was pleased to see that a lot of his photography was as abstract as his writing and performing. He spots and photographs things that are around us all the time, but very often don't see.

Take a look at Dave's Flickr Gallery.

I first found out about Dave Gorman when his stage show and then TV show was on called Are You Dave Gorman? He and his flat mate had a discussion one day and found out that the Assistant Manager of East Fife Football Club was also called Dave Gorman. According to Dave, Tequila was involved, but he and his flat mate set off to meet his namesake. He then decided that there must be loads of other Dave Gorman's in the world, and his adventure was born. He travelled all over the world to meet the 'other Dave Gorman's' and it ended up being an hysterical TV show. The highlight of the show each was was the Graph showing the amount per square mile of Dave Gormans in the world and how far he'd travelled to meet them.

When his next stage show was on at Manchester called 'A Better World', we went to see him. We laughed until we cried! His basis for this show was that (taken from Dave Gorman's website) "He wrote anonymous letters to over 2,000 local newspapers asking the public to suggest ways in which one man can make the world a better place. Then he's tried to carry out their suggestions. Now he wants to tell you about it.

If you like surrealism and a very clever but abstract mind, check out Dave Gorman on his website, or his blog, he's a very funny guy!