Tuesday, June 16

Five years on!!

Five years on and I still miss him!!

It's five years today since my dad died. It still hurts. There's still a big gaping hole in my life where my dad was pysically. Time does heal. I don't cry about it as often. I did have a few tears last night and I'm sure there will be more to come today, but I'm ok, just very sad.

I took myself for a walk this morning after I dropped Isabelle at Nursery. I just wanted to be in a big open space by myself. I took my camera and went in search of dragonflies. I didn't find any, but there were other bugs to photograph.

I lay on the grass for a while watching the clouds. They were big white fluffy clouds today and so I was cloud shape spotting. Dad used to do that with me when I was little. It wasn't until I got home and edited the photographs, that i realised there was a rabbit shaped cloud right smack bang in the middle of the shot. Click on the image to view it fullsize and see if you can see the rabbit too. Isabelle can, so it's not just me that's bonkers.

I'm getting all maudling and weepy now, so I best leave it at that. Dad, I still love you and miss you so much.