Monday, September 22

Wayhey! We had sunshine!

At long last we've actually had some sunshine! Oh it seems to have been gone for so long. Even if we didn't actually have rain, it's been very grey and gloomy. A completely miserable summer as weather goes.

So on Saturday, the sun was out. Right people.. I said.. lets get in the car and go somewhere. We ended up going to Llanberis in Snowdonia. I wanted to take Isabelle on the little steam train that goes around Llyn Padarn because I'd taken Eve and Russ on the train when they were about 4 yrs and 8yrs old. When we got there, the train doesn't run on a Saturday or Sunday. How stupid is that?!?!?! So we ended up taking a cruise on the boat around the lake. She thought it was wonderful. I managed to get a few decent mountain shots even though I only had my 28-70mm lens with me.

I don't think I'm very good at Landscapes. Firstly I struggle to see them. That might sound odd as I appreciate a beautiful view as much as the next person, I just don't see them photographically. But I emailed my Snowdonia shots to my Mum who has walked up Mount Snowdon as part of the Three Peak Challenge that she did a few years ago. She emailed back and said 'oh you must have a good lens'. Humph! But she didn't mean it that way LOL, me and my automatic assumption that she meant the camera did all the work.. she actually meant that me (and my lens) had captured some excellent detail in the mountains.

This shot is of Dinorwig disused slate quarry on the right and Crib Goch (the mountain) centre.

Isabelle had a whale of a time feeding the baby ducks (she wanted to bring them all home). And collecting things for her 'collection'. Now this child is obsessed with collecting things. By things, I mean sticks and stones and feathers! We can't go anywhere without her bringing back a 'collection'. She brought a branch back with her one time (Thanks Mark!).

We were actually at the Llanberis slate museum which is on the site of Dinorwig disused slate mine. So there were miles of slate shingle. She couldn't walk more than two steps without finding another 'beautiful stone'. My camera bag ended up full of bits of slate and bird feathers. Bless her.

We did have a lovely day though and it was so nice to get out in the sunshine!