Thursday, October 15

First and Second

I recently joined my local camera club. Worried that it would be full of old men sporting cardies, I quietly crept it.

But no, it's quite a busy camera club with all ages and a lot of character. After the first meeting, I had 6 days to get my entries ready for the first competition. 3 prints and 3 digital images to be projected on the screen. So I got them all ready, the prints were mounted and I handed them all in.

Last Monday was competition results night. I sat with baited breath hoping that the judge wouldn't slate my work too much. Print results were up first. The results were divided into three sections. What I call 'the dross', then his selection and then the three winners. The landscape shot I put in, he said all the elements were there, but it wasn't really to his taste. Ok, fair enough. My second shot, my industrial sunset, got into the selection, but he wasn't happy that the sun was burnt out. grrrrr. My third entry was my gloomy windmill shot below.

He said that the only reason this didn't win, was that the print quality wasn't quite as he'd hoped it would be, but that was the only reason it didn't win. He loved it. arghh! Oh well.

Then on to the digitally projected images. My first shot was in the dross. It was my decayed rose, which I suppose is an aquired taste, and obviously not his taste. My second shot was my 'fixing the any key' shot of the little people fixing the keyboard. It was very well received in the club with a lot of laughs and credit for something completely different. This one made it into the selection.

But my trusty old Bald Eagle shot did me proud once again and it took first place in the category. woohooo.

It was also very well received in the club and I got a lot of compliments and questions about it, but everyone praised me. I felt like I was on cloud 9. So now, I've got to decide on my next set of shots to enter for the November comp. Set myself a bit of a hard act to follow haven't I? LOL