Wednesday, September 24

Not sure where to start

Well I'm not quite sure where to start today. I suppose the thing thats at the uppermost of my mind.

Eve phoned yesterday from my Mum's house. She had to get off the phone quickly and said she'd phone back. She did, but the reason she left the phone in such a hurry, is that my mum had fallen in the garden. This is the fourth time she's fallen in the past few weeks! This was the worst one so far. it's not as if she's old. She's only 61. I think she's coming off some tablets and it's made her spacial awareness a bit dodgy. The last fall, she bashed her knee up pretty bad.

I did speak to her briefly, but she sounded awful. I asked her to get checked out at the hospital. Mum being mum said no she'd be fine. I phoned her this morning to see how she was doing. She could barely move. I tried to insist she see the dr at least. She brushed it off. She phoned me later after my Aunt (her sister) visited and said that Sue had called the Dr out for a home visit. Phew! It turns out that Mum has badly bruised her hip and broken several ribs. I'm glad she got checked out, although there's nothing they can do apart from give her painkillers. Eve is going over tonight (at my request) to make sure Mum gets some dinner. She'll not bother if it's just for her, so Eve's going to cook something for them both.

My day has been hectic, as ever. Since Isabelle started nursery I just don't know where the time goes.

The washing machine repair man came today after messing about to confirm that I did actually take out extended cover on the machine. It's only 18 months old as it is! Anyway, new pump, complete clear out and it's now working again. A week without a washing machine is one way to accumulate a mountain of washing! I have such bad luck with washing machines, I think I jinx them.

I've just had to stop typing this to go and see to Isabelle. Mark got very little sleep last night so he went to bed just before 7.30 as he had already fallen asleep on the sofa! Isabelle went to bed a couple of minutes later. As I was taking her upstairs she said she wanted to snuggle her daddy, so she climbed in bed with him and snuggled in. Half an hour later I thought I could hear her stomping about upstairs and hear her chirruping to herself. So I went up. Mark is fast asleep buried under a mountain of quilt and pillows and Isabelle said she was making Daddy warm. She'd taken herself off to her own bedroom and was watching the cars go past out the window LOL. So I've tucked her in and hopefully she'll be off to sleep. She's not normally bad at going to sleep.

And so on to my new venture. I have decided to try and sell things on ebay. I really can't commit myself to going out to work at the moment. I only get 2 hours between dropping Isabelle off and picking her up again. I don't want to pay all my wages to childminders, and to be honest, I prefer to look after Isabelle myself. She's my last child and there's plenty of time when she's in school full time to get myself a job outside the home. So I started shopping on ebay in the wholesale/job lot section.

I bought loads of stuff and am now preparing it ready to get it all listed for sale. I've done all my maths, made a spreadsheet to keep records of everything. I've been really organised LOL. I even sold something today already! woohoo. Let the cash roll in LOL

We'll see how it goes, but I really hope I can earn something to put towards Christmas. Which is

91 days, 9 Hours, 35 Minutes

...But who's counting?