Sunday, September 14


Or should I say .. Lack Of!

My memory is shocking. It just seems to have stopped working properly. The stupid thing about it is, I can remember useless information like a fly can produce babies when the fly is 2 days old... but can I remember what I need to buy from the supermarket when I get there? NO!

Mark had given me some money to spend on me from his over-time pay. woohoo. He insisted I spend it on myself.. so, as I mentioned before, I bought my biiiiig lens for my camera. I had a bit left over and while we were out shopping yesterday.. well I say shopping, we were just wandering really.. we passed 'Game'. As avid gamers in this house, between Mark and Russ, we have nearly all the games platforms. Mark has his PS3, Russ has a PS3, X-Box and Wii. I don't really play that many games like I used to, although I still love Gran Turismo, Tekken and Tiger Woods Golf, I just sort of got out of the habit of playing them. I do play games on the PC and love them, but don't play that many now.

So, as I said, we backtracked and went in to Game for a wander. Mark wanted to get a cheap PS2 as he still has a couple of games he likes to play, but they don't work on the PS3, so he went to look for a pre-owned console. He managed to find one for £40 so he decided to get it. Me on the other hand wandered over to the Nintendo DSLite section. I've wanted one for ages, I don't know why... I just did. They had pre-owned Nintendo DSLite's on offer with a game of your choice. I bit the bullet and impulsively (not like me) got one. I got the Brain Training game to go with it.

So last night I sat playing and training my brain. First tests showed that I have a brain age of 72!! My god that was shocking!! So it seems my brain has practically shrivelled up and died already. So I've decided to give my brain a daily workout on the brain training game. So I did this morning's session. My brain age is now 55 and that's only after two sessions. It's the maths that lets me down, in particular my times tables. I never learnt them.. shocking I know.. but that's my biggest downfall. So, I'm going to get my brain back into gear and get it working again. Who knows, I may even start remembering important stuff! LOL