Tuesday, June 23

Sympathy is hard to give when...

I am generally, by nature, a sympathetic person. I do sympathy and empathy without even thinking about it, but there comes a time when it dries up.

Mark has been suffering on and off with a bad back for about two years now. We don't know what the problem is because he won't go to the doctors. His reason for not going is "Well he can't do anything about it". Grrrr. Having a bad back myself, I know just how painful it can be. My dad also suffered with a bad back and ended up bed-ridden because of it. If my dad had gone to the doctors earlier would something have been done about it? would he still have ended up bed-ridden? I don't know. My dad had spinal spondulosis amongst other back problems, so I doubt a lot could have been done about the bones going spongy... but.. Mark isn't 40 until December. He's got a lot of years of use left for his back and my opinion is if he doesn't do some investigating now, he could regret it in years go come.

On Saturday he was working on one of his motorbikes and he said he felt his back 'ping'. Not a good sign. So for the rest of Saturday and Sunday, he could barely move. I have never heard anyone grunt and groan so much when trying to move. I know you're not supposed to, but I have some anti-inflamatories that the Dr gave me for my back when it was really bad last time, so I dosed him up on them. Mark is a pain in the rear for not taking medication, but he took this. He ended up taking yesterday off work, but still wouldn't go to the Dr's. Worse than that, he just wouldn't stop and rest it. So my sympathy dried up. Don't complain if you're not going to do anything about it! Get it investigated! He is suffering with it on a more and more regular basis and I find it very hard to give sympathy when he just complains and does nothing!

Anyway, he's gone back to work this morning grunting and groaning every time he moves. I'm just worried that there is something wrong that might cause him more trouble in a few years and bugger his back up completely. He's a very active person and rarely sits still, so if there is something that needs fixing, he really does need to get it looked at now before it becomes too bad to fix.