Monday, March 8

What is the world coming to?

I have been quietly getting crosser and crosser with two issues each time I see them on the news. I think I need to get them off my chest, so dear blog friends, I am going to aire the issues here. Please excuse me whilst I rant.

I'm sure everyone of a similar age to me can remember the shocking murder of a 2 year old boy in Liverpool, James Bulger). I was horrified to hear what two 10 year olds had done to this tiny little boy that they'd convinced to go with them for a walk. And then more recently the two boys aged 10 and 11 that tortured two young boys almost to death. This kind of thing really shocks and upsets me. I just can't believe that young boys can take pleasure from inflicting such horrific things on another human being, for pleasure.

But the thing that really has got my goat, is why is it when they are given 'life' sentences, they are released back into the community in less than 10 years??? How on earth did two boys, on turning 18 get released after serving 8 years in a youth detention centre? 8 years???? And now one of those 'boys' aged 27 has been arrested for 'serious offences' and it's been said that he was scared to death and feared for his life at being taken to a real prison for men. Too bloody right he should be!! 

And the two boys that were in the news recently for torturing two other boys, they're being put in a detention centre for 5 years, at which point there will be a review?? 5 years??? 

What the hell is wrong with our judicial system? When did life mean 8 years? How can they give a life sentence and then let them out of jail within 10 years?

Which brings me to the appeal made by Sutcliff (The Yorkshire Ripper). He is appealing for parole claiming that he's a changed man, he's a born again Christian and has seen the errors of his ways. You have got to be kidding me!! How can they even hear his appeal after he raped and murdered (horrifically) 13 women and 7 other attempted murders? They gave him 30 life sentences... they should have given him the lead injection and saved tax payers some money.

I may be missing the point here, but I don't care who it is.. everyone knows it's wrong to torture, rape or murder another human being... so if you do it, you should pay the price and I don't mean for a couple of years.. life is life to me.

OK, climbing down off my soap box, rant over.