Monday, February 23

New Fairy Door

I may have mentioned before that I make and sell fairies, fairy doors, cherubs and little mushroom houses. Well my latest mould arrived on Friday. I LOVE this mould and am keeping the first door I made from it LOL.

I made a promise to myself that I can't keep one of everything I make otherwise we'd be over-run with fairies and cherubs etc. But this one is sooo lovely, I'm going to have to keep one. It didn't help that Mark encouraged me LOL. He said he really likes it. It's not like him to pass comment really. He's more than happy for me to make and paint these things but he never really has an opinion, although he does quite like the cherubs and has said we should put some around the pond.

So, this fairy door that I love? Here is is.

I know it's a bit ornate, but it's a fairy palace door, so the king and queen of the fairies would have a door like this. (I haven't lost the plot really.. honest!) and I just love it. I made two but really should make a couple more and get them listed on ebay. But I have to decide how much to sell them at. The door is 8 & 1/4 inches tall by 6 & 1/4 inches wide, so it's quite big by fairy door standards (lol when did I become an expert in fairy door dimensions?) and does take quite a bit of plaster. It's heavy. Hmmm, need to run a few numbers through my head.

Did I mention that I love this little door? LOL